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Private Sessions

We offer individual Pilates sessions, duos, and trios on equipment.

Current Group Classes

Mat class 
       9:00am Micaela
Thursdays    5:30 pm  w Abby
Sundays         9:00 am   w Abby
                                       - sign up online

*first class FREE! Use code "FIRSTFREE" at checkout.

Our classes are based on the classical mat work with variations to keep it interesting. Pilates principles are emphasized  in each of our movements including breath, alignment, lengthening, core strength and control. Corrections and modifications are provided to ensure proper execution for each move. These fundamental exercises will allow you to move more efficiently throughout your day and support the activities you love. 


  • Beginner and intermediate levels

    Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun

    50 min

    25 US dollars
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