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Synergy Pilates is our private studio located in beautiful Santa Cruz. We offer individual sessions on Pilates equipment for rehabilitation and conditioning benefits.  Our rehab specialists will teach you how to Improve your alignment, decompress joints, and reduce  pain through corrective movement. 

Our spacious and  fully-equipped studio provides a safe and private environment. This  special setting allows you to focus on your workout without the distractions that come from the gym or larger rehab facilities. 

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The Joy of Pilates, 

and All it Can Do for You

50 minute session to help you get familiar with your needs and goals


The Pilates method of exercise offers a total body workout program that enhances your quality of life through improving strength, flexibility, control, breath, coordination, and body awareness. After a few sessions, you will appreciate improvement in your posture, core strength and balance.


Pilates equipment featuring ropes and springs, developed by Joseph Pilates, are used to assist and resist a patient’s full range of motion. All exercises can be modified through alignment and support and should be pain-free. Each fifty-minute session is one-on-one with the physical therapist and is specifically designed to achieve your treatment goals. Mat exercises are also provided to reinforce your specific exercises for home practice. 


Physical Therapy Packages

We offer individual Pilates sessions, duos and trios on equipment and small group classes.  

Insurance Reimbursement:  If you have a PPO insurance, check with them to see what they reimburse for an out-of-network provider.  Let your practitioner know so we can provide a receipt for you to submit for reimbursement.   HSA/FSA plans may also be applied 


Group Mat Classes

Check back with us for future Mat classes, no mat classes offered at this time

(contact Natalia  to reserve group reformer trios) 

Group Mat Class  $20

 To reserve your space for moving, call or Text Alison Palic (831)-818-0866

Our Instructors at Synergy

Our team of qualified instructors is dedicated to helping you feel your best. Whether you're looking for recovery and rehabilitation after an injury, or interested in finding a studio to further your fitness goals, we're here to help. 

Alison Palic
MPT, MSEd, Founder
Polestar© Pilates certified  
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Natalia Tinsey


Polestar© Pilates certified 

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Shannon Escara


certified Yoga teacher-200 

Polestar© Pilates certified

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"Alison is the best PT in Santa Cruz. I have not met as knowledgeable, dedicated nor as motivating a therapist anywhere else in all my history of body work. She can help you achieve your goals."

-Laura M.

"I walked out not only feeling physically better but having a better understanding of my body and how it works. I highly recommended Alison to any family or friends in the area!"

-Tanner T.

"Alison has such a wealth of knowledge and experience...

If you are looking for an amazing physical therapist or private Pilates instructor, I would look no further!"

Maggie B.

“We four siblings, ranging in age from seventy eight to eighty five years have received Pilates training from Alison Palic for about eight months. We vary in our fitness levels, but have all greatly benefited from Alison’s instruction. We have increased our core strength learned the benefits of proper breathing, and improved our body awareness.

Alison has three reformers along with other group equipment that we use to work different muscles. Alison is a licensed physical therapist as well as a Pilates  instructor, so she understands the body. She makes our workouts fun, and we’re really happy to have found her. We may keep getting older, but we’re stronger.”

-Ellen Hirth, Lucille Des Jardins, Bill Des Jardins, Pauline Butcher

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